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Der Junge muss an die frische Luft © UFA Fiction

Sat, 31.10.2020 -
Sun, 01.11.2020


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Hans-Peter is a pudgy nine-year-old growing up in the security of his family and fun-loving relatives who has a talent for making others laugh. Soon, dark shadows loom over his everyday life as his once cheerful mum becomes depressed after an operation. Hans-Peter’s sad and hardworking father leaves him mostly in the care of his two grandmothers, both of whom have big hearts and strong personalities. Their love and care make it possible for Hans-Peter to survive the ensuing emotional turmoil and use his comedic talents to heal his own wounds while also making people laugh along with him.

Type: Feature Film
Year: 2018
Lenghts: 100 minutes
Level: Family
German w /engl Subtitles
Violence: Scuffle
Nudity: Parents lie in bed together, but are mostly dressed. 
Topics: Biopic, comedy, drama, literature, family, depression, courage, humour, charme, childhood, growing up
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