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Superfrauen© Goethe-Institut

The Superfrauen podcast tells stories from the lives of inspiring women. We learn about their exciting, sporty, smart and courageous pathways through life. Despite all the diversity, all heroines have one thing in common: They are unique role models and therefore super women or Superfrauen.

Teaching resources are available for all the podcast episodes. 

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Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim © Goethe-Institut

#1: The woman who makes science fun

People who are clever are typically uncool and nerds, right? Wrong! In her YouTube videos, chemist Mai Thi explains how the world works with both humour and knowledge – and has a mission as she does so…
>> Level: B1

Clärenore Stinnes © Goethe-Institut

#2: The first person to drive around the world by car

Her father was one of the richest men in Europe but she was not allowed to work in his company. Clärenore wanted to show the world what she could do: in 1927 she embarked on the greatest adventure of her life.
>> Level: B2

Ninia LaGrande © Goethe-Institut

#3: the slam poet and person of short stature, who demonstrates self-acceptance

How do you make the most out of life when you have a physical disability? Nina does it with humour, words and her fashion sense. Along the way she teaches young people plenty about body positivity.
>> Level: A2/B1

Steffi Johnes © Goethe-Institut

#4: The first soccer star in Germany who is not a man

Her childhood wasn't easy, but when she played soccer everything was ok. Steffi trains hard, always stays positive - and has opened doors for all women in her sport.
>> Level: A2

Maria Reiche © Goethe-Institut


In 1932 the headstrong German moved to Peru. There she finds huge figures that were drawn in the desert floor 2000 years ago. What do they mean? Maria’s research becomes a race against time ...
>> Level: B2/C1

Aya Jaff Cover © Goethe-Institut

#6: The self-taught programmer and superstar of the German tech scene

"Mrs. Code" - Aya Jaff is considered the wunderkind of the German tech scene. When she taught herself to code, Aya was only 15 years old - today, Aya is one of Germany's best-known programmers, founder, speaker and best-selling author.
>> Level: A1+/A2


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