Lecture Hybrid Forests

Breathe Austria 02 © Simon Oberhofer

Sat, 15.09.2018

2:00 PM

RMIT Gallery

Breathe Earth Collective (Austria) on natural ecosystems and built environments

Breathe Earth Collective is a think-and-do-tank to develop new ways of dealing with interrelations of architecture, natural ecosystems, air and climate. The collective was founded after their successful contribution to the Expo in Milan. They currently work on the landscape architectural design for the new headquarter of the Czech forestry administration, a building that unites forest and architecture. Furthermore, the group has developed a series of small-scale typologies of climate pavilions, called “Airships”, to research the potentials of tackling air pollution and providing natural cooling in urban spaces within 1:1 prototypes.

All projects of the Breathe Earth Collective share the common focus on the human’s sensorial relation to one of the most precious resources of our time: air and climate. For Dynamics of Air, the collective is building a climatic installation, inspired from the so called ‘Gradierwerk’ tower typologies to investigate the evaporation processes and the conditioning of air with natural essences and aerosols.  Visitors are invited to smell, experience and inhale the breathable saline aerosols and ethereal oils.

Event series: Dynamics of Air