Photography Festival Photo 2024: Ulrich Wüst

Berlin 1982 © Ulrich Wüst; ifa Berlin 1982 © Ulrich Wüst; ifa

Thu, 29.02.2024 -
Sat, 20.04.2024

RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

Wanderings through German History 1978-2019

"I always took form as my starting point, wanted to describe reality quite differently." Ulrich Wüst, 1997 

Ulrich Wüst's photographic work captures his wanderings through German history, portraying the social and urban transformations from the GDR and its disintegration, through the German reunification to the present day. Wüst revives the German history in a new static way, where the past and present clash in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

The exhibition Wanderings About History. The Photography of Ulrich Wüst shows a selection of nine suites taken between 1978 and 2019. Ulrich Wüst's photographic work can be perceived from different perspectives. The observations he captures in his images may ultimately have their roots in the division of Germany and the processes of overcoming it. But they also always concern universal phenomena of social change and its material manifestations. His succinct and very precisely composed images are the result of long visual wanderings in places that tell of our contemporary history.

The exhibition is presented as part of Photo 2024 and can be visited from 29 February to 20 April 2024.
29 February 2024, 6pm, RMIT Gallery

Curator's Talk: Matthias Flügge
1 March 2024, 12.30pm, RMIT Gallery

Film Program:
Documentaries - Double Feature
2 March 2024, 1pm, Capitol Theatre