Film Screening Art and Power: Time of Gods

Lutz Dammbeck "Versuchsanordnung II", 1985–1987 © Karin Plessing

Thu, 02.08.2018

Macquarie University

Arts Precinct

Lutz Dammbeck at the interface between art and film

Arno Breker (1900-91) was a talented sculptor with a promising career when Adolf Hitler told him in 1936: “Young man, from now on you will only work for me.” What the Führer commissioned from his Phidias is, of course, now inextricably bound up with the notorious aesthetics of the Third Reich. But what about Breker’s talent, his artistic allegiances, and friendships with other celebrated Modernists and admires, from Jean Cocteau to Picasso? What became of his studio – a mansion gifted to Breker by Hitler on his fortieth birthday? Can his legacy be framed beyond the obvious tragedy of his work for a despotic regime?

Time of Gods is the first episode of Art and Power, a four part series by media theorist Lutz Dammbeck. Throughout the investigation Dammbeck does not shy away from the difficulties faced by the passing of the generation of Germans who not only witnessed, but often participated in a culture that facilitated and monumentalized an ideology which led to the destruction of millions of Europeans.

Location: 353 Interactive Cinema Space, Arts West North Wing

Four screenings of Lutz Dammbeck’s documentary tetralogy Art and Power, curated by Giles Simon Fielke and Nicolas Hausdorf, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut and the University of Melbourne.

Event series:
Art and Power