Film with introduction German Film Festival: Bauhaus Spirit in Melbourne

Bauhaus Figurines Courtesy of Palace Cinemas

Sun, 26.05.2019

Palace Kino Cinemas

45 Collins St
3000 Melbourne

Introduction by Prof Malte Wagenfeld

In order to celebrate the Bauhaus Centenary, the Goethe-Institut presents a comprehensive event-series that starts off with the documentary Bauhaus Spirit - 100 Years of Bauhaus by Niels Bolbrinker. This documentary will be co-presented by Palace Cinemas and is part of the German Film Fest 2019.

Against the backdrop of its 100th anniversary, this documentary portrays the fascinating history of Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus, one of our century's most influential architectural schools. Bauhaus made art, design and architecture political: How should we live together and how can rooms be designed in such a way that all people can be part of a community? These were the questions that Marcel Breuer, Paul Klee and Wasily Kandinsky discussed and the Bauhaus ideas still shape our society today.

Dr Malte Wagenfeld will introduce this documentary in Melbourne. He is senior lecturer in Industrial Design and Program Manager for the Master of Design Innovation Technology (MDIT) at the RMIT in Melbourne. His connection to the Bauhau is a very personal one: He is the grandson of famous Bauhaus designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld who is well-known for his industrial design and in particular for the world-famous Wagenfeld Lamp.