Call for Applications

Call for Applications
Photo by Ebadur Rehman Kaium on Unsplash


Goethe-Institut Bangladesh is seeking curators from various backgrounds for a paid, freelance contract to conceptualise and manage Goethe Pop Ups in Bangladesh, with a project period running from June 2021 through November 2021.

Bangladesh has always been an important partner in Germany’s international cultural relations. The relationship has spanned across various initiatives including projects on collaborative art, education, sustainability, and technology.

Despite only having one Goethe-Institut in Dhaka, the country has always been an important focus of the Goethe-Institut’s network in South Asia. The current open call aims to strengthen the existing cultural relations and to foster new and meaningful ways of cross-national exchanges with the goal of producing richer shared knowledge.

Goethe Pop Up Bangladesh is conceived as a vessel for hybrid, ambitious projects that can speak across and between frameworks, both conceptual, as well as physical. It will develop new ideas that resonate with the local audience as well as include existing, planned, and ongoing projects by the Goethe-Institut. Throughout these initiatives, we will certainly support you in the process. The following aspects should be reflected in the idea(s) you develop:

• Public accessibility is paramount.

• A clear commitment to sustainability should be demonstrated across the proposal and its implementation.

• Digital and hybrid formats are to be included and explored, especially considering the changing circumstances that allow travel versus lock-down situations.

• The proposal shall be either generic and applicable to various locations across Bangladesh or tailored for one particular city or village.

• The implementation duration should be limited to a specific time period between October and November 2021 and to venue(s) across Bangladesh.

• Reflections on a sustainable continuation, possibly online.

Your Pop Up initiative is one that will be part of an ecosystem of multiple.  We will select approximately five to eight proposals or curator partnerships. Your proposal can be implemented by yourself in one city or village, or it can be implemented in multiple areas. Please note, this is not a full-time assignment. After selection, we will meet once a month online. In the meantime, every curator works individually on their implementation plan. Your proposal might be a one-day or a multiple-day event/project. The Goethe Pop Up festival will roughly take place between late October and early November 2021. Specific timelines and windows will be determined between the Goethe-Institut and the selected curators during a group consult.


Phase 0. Selection of Curators: May 2021
Phase 1. Proposal Fine Tuning: June-August 2021
Phase 2. Implementation Plan / Project Production: Aug-Sep 2021
Phase 3. Event(s): October-November 2021


• The application is open to curators, scientists, festival leaders, educators, librarians, museum enthusiasts, artists, writers, mediators, organisers and other cultural or educational practitioners. Essentially, if you have a specialised skill-set or knowledge base and like to take initiative to get things done, we would love to hear your proposal.
• You can be an individual or affiliated to a particular institution/organisation that deals with cultural work and/or education.
• The application can also be sent in as a partnership (duo).
• It is expected that at least one member of the duo is based in Bangladesh.
• Fluent in Bangla or another local language and English
• Experience in organising (discursive) events is expected as well as knowledge of the local scene where you plan to implement
• Advantage: Demonstrate networks in the area(s) you plan to implement.
• While not a requirement, priority will be given to applicants with a university degree, or demonstrable equivalent experience, such as training/apprenticeships or similar programs.

Additional selection criteria

• Proposal uniqueness.
• Sustainability throughout the initiative.
• Diversity and inclusion.
• Experience (in similar project implementation as proposed).
• Variety in cities or districts, as the focus is outside of Dhaka and can include but is not limited to Rajshahi, Khulna, Savar, Kushtia, Rangpur, Bandarban etc.

The submitted application can be as creative as your concept proposed and should include an estimated budget.

A pool of 800,000 BDT is allocated for five to eight applicants. Your estimated budget should include all expenses for your event.

Submissions by 20 May 2021  to