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At the Goethe-Institut, you learn German from the pros. We have developed a range of free media to help you practise your German – from apps with learning material to videos, podcasts and games, as well as social media and community programmes. However well you speak German and whatever your reasons for improving it, the main thing is that you start practising – and enjoy it!

Deutsch für dich

Your free online community

Learning is better together: In our online community, you will find more than 260 German exercises for all levels, free of charge – as well as other people to practise with. Meet new people, compare notes and improve your language skills together.

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Your exercises by Subject

Your exercises by Level

Listening Texts For All Levels

Do you listen to podcasts and want to learn German free of charge? Then you have come to the right place! Our podcasts, from all over the world, cover a wide range of topics and language levels. Whether you are just starting out at level A1 or can already speak more fluently at level B2 or C1 – give us a listen!

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Are you just starting a German class or interested in taking one? You’ll find exercises here that suit your level from A1 to A2. For example, you will learn simple sentences to say what your name is, order food or ask someone for directions. These exercises are easy and free of charge. And, at the same time, you’ll learn about living (and working) in Germany.

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Are you already a bit more advanced in German and do you want to improve? Then we have some good exercises to help you learn more. In levels B1 to B2, you will practice how to talk about more complex subjects and communicate more elaborately. We have prepared lots of online exercises for you that are free of charge, from quizzes and videos to apps and games – take a look and push your German to the next level!

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Do you already speak very good German but would like to deepen your knowledge? Here you'll find online exercises that suit your ability. In levels C1 to C2, you will learn to talk about topics like the environment and the climate, or understand political and economic news almost like a native speaker! The exercises are free of charge. Not only will you learn new words, but make new friends in our "German for you" community and speak German fluently.

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Test your German

How well can you speak German? Are you still a beginner  or further along at level B1, B2 or perhaps as advanced asC1? Find out in this online German test! The questions are based on everyday life and the aim is to find out how well you understand texts or videos. You will discover what general level your passive skills are at, from A1 to C2, and which exercises are the right ones for you. This assessment is free of charge! 

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