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Headergrafik - Cassandras Eyes© Farzana Islam

Feminist Dossier
Cassandra’s Eyes

This is a space where we invite women (and their others) to imagine ‘culture’ as a site of contention and possibility, time and superluminal travel. 

Is the imagination pure? Cassandra’s end, in the Greek myth, is a night just beyond the grasp of justice; her eyes become her fatal calling, for her vision of the Fall of Troy frightens the men around her. Even ‘the gods,’ Apollo.

About Cassandra’s eyes


Contact us at communications-dhaka@goethe.de. Please allow us 3 weeks for a response, but let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. We have a pay scale for pieces and their illustrations.


Seema Amin © Seema Amin
Seema Amin
writes and occasionally performs; she is the author of two poetry books (UPL) and was Senior Feature Writer of the art magazine Depart. Her first home was Bangkok, Thailand but she lived across Europe, Asia and the US before re-inhabiting Bangladesh, where she teaches literature. Presently, she edits Cassandra’s Eyes and is in the process of publishing her third manuscript. Several of her poems from the latter are being published this year, in The Aleph Review and in an upcoming anthology, Quicksand Borders.

Cover Illustrations

Farzana Islam
Farzana Islam
is currently an undergraduate student of English Literature at Brac University. She is an independent artist working in traditional and digital media, and has worked with BYEI (Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative) in various creative projects as a creative insider. Taking inspiration from the real and the abstract, she aims to create a liaison between the two in her work, often integrating the people and experiences in her life into them.