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Young Learner's Courses

Experience German with all senses. Fun interaction such as role play, interviews and digital activities. 

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Illustration:  Jugendliche zeichnen und schreiben an eine Tafel.
  • from 12 to 15 years old
  • fun & interaction
  • prepares for Fit exams

A fun way to learn German

Learning a language can be exciting - as you will discover at the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh! Get to know others of your age and enjoy the experience of learning German together. You will interact a lot, learn about teenage life in Germany and use digital resources to make learning easier and more fun.  The progression of the courses is moderate and will fit well into your timetable. Nevertheless, you can reach intermediate level B1 within 3 years. B1 is required if you want to study or do vocational training in Germany.  
Are you still wondering why you should spend your free time learning German? 
It will open doors to a new world for you: Germany is a great place to study, work or do a vocational training programme. It offers a world-class education at an affordable cost, and its job market gives you unlimited career opportunities. It's also a friendly and safe place to live, with a temperate climate, open borders with 27 other European countries and first-class healthcare for everyone.   
By the way, learning German is not as hard as you might think. About 40% of the words are similar to English.    
Just give it a try and register for the next course! 

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