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The Sound of Faraway Lands Filmstill aus "Vagabunden Karawane" © Werner Penzel Filmproduktion itd.

Cultural Encounters
The Sound of Faraway Lands

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of "Siddhartha", the Goethe-Instituts in South Asia are exploring the ways South Asia and Germany are received by one another – in literature, music, film and everyday culture. For the start we accompany the band Jisr on their tour.

Neues Bauhaus in Dessau Photo (detail): Lelikron, Dessau Bauhaus neu, CC BY-SA 3.0

100 years Bauhaus

Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus in 1919 – and in doing so revolutionised architecture, design and the way we think about it. What influence does this art school have today? And what should everyone know about the Bauhaus?

VRwandlung in Delhi Foto: Sanyam Bajaj © Goethe-Institut New Delhi


Kafka’s story The Metamorphosis describes the feelings of a travelling salesman awakening one morning in the body of a beetle. “‘VRwandlung’ transfers Franz Kafka’s work from the pages of a book to virtual reality.

Local International © Local International

​local international

local international is an international academic exchange project for fashion designers from Germany and Bangladesh focusing on sustainability and fair production methods within the fashion and textile industry.

Poets translating Poets © Goethe-Institut

Poets translating poets

Poets tranlating Poets' vision was to transcend boundaries of language and culture, through the act of translation and poetry. The project was aimed at creating a platform for poets from South Asia and Germany to translate each other’s works.

Ulf Aminde © Ulf Aminde

Meet our guests

The Goethe-Institut in Dhaka is very keen on bringing people together. We like to invite artists and musicians, fotographers and academics, filmmakers and authors and so many more to Bangladesh where they come together with local colleagues.

SFF 2023 © Goethe-Institut

Science Film Festival

Goethe-Institut brings the 4th edition of Science Film Festival! The Festival in Bangladesh is hybrid and enables both offline attendance as well as presents a showcase of 24 films online. All science films are in English or with English subtitles; some content for young learners is dubbed into Bengali.


Mirror Photo (Detail): Luis-Salazar © Unsplash


Simply put, a “Fehler” is a mistake, but it’s also the response to one of life’s big questions: how do we innovate and make progress? Our answer: often by mistake. 

Outline of a head. Inside the head many colourful segments with English writing in them like Togetherness, Solidarity, Social Distancing. © Kitty Kahane


A virus is showing us how globally networked and yet how fragile our public life is. What does the pandemic mean to and for each of us and for society as a whole?

Restitution – An exhibition room of the permanent exhibition “Where is Africa” in the Linden-Museum. At a press conference in February 2020 the Linden-Museum Stuttgart presented perspectives and ideas for an ethnological museum of the future. Photo (detail): Tom Weller © picture alliance/dpa


Latitude promotes discourses on the effects of colonialism: looted art, provenance research, restitution and new approaches to museology.

Broqué – the first bespoke circular fashion brand in Bangladesh, showcasing second-hand vintage jacket collection for winter 2020 © Mahenaz Chowdhury © Mahenaz Chowdhury


Although eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable fashion has only been a recent awakening for the global fashion industry, Bangladesh has been a quiet champion practicing it in silence for multiple generations. 

Migration & Integration © Foto: Andrea Kueppers

Migration und Integration

In a culturally diverse society which is strongly influenced by migration, integration – defined as the social participation of all people living in Germany – plays an important role. 

Interherited memories © Goethe-Institut

Inherited Memories

20 respondents from west Bengal in India and Bangladesh have narrated their memories they have inherited from their previous generations


Games and Politics © lalesh aldarwish

Global Gaming

Games are part of life and video games have long since become an asset that enables a globally networked industry to gain billions in profit. But video games have long since established themselves as their own art form too.

A woman with a mask looks at her smartphone. Photo (detail): Engin Akyurt © Unsplash

One Zero Society

One Zero Society focuses worldwide on the relationship between digitization, post-digital culture, and civil society, supported by partners – in discourses, exhibitions, art, and culture.

The VR artwork „Mercury“ by Banz & Bowinkel during the exhibition “RESET III AND VIRTUAL REALITY” curated by Tina Sauerländer from “peer to space” at Priska Pasquer art gallery in Cologne, Germany, in 2017. Photo (detail): © Nathan Ishar / courtesy PRISKA PASQUER

Digitally Confident

How do we assert ourselves in the digital society? Which tools do we have to master, which skills do we have to learn?


Graphic Travelogues Graphik: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi

Modern Life
Graphic Travelogues

From minimalist sketches to detailed images, from autobiographical stories to historical narratives: Our comic-strip artists are divers. We introduce their graphic novels and the artists who create them.

Mara in her rain coat at Sylt Photo (detail): @ privat

Germany #NoFilter

How do you live and study in Germany? On Deutschland #nofilter, you will find tips, curiosities and funny stories about everyday life, studies, work and society. 


Lending Photo: Goethe-Institut Bangladesh/Riaz Uddin


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Goethe-Institut Onleihe Foto: Goethe-Institut/Loredana La Rocca

eLibrary Onleihe

The eLibrary is the virtual library of the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh. This service allows you to borrow digital media, such as ebooks, audio and video files, and electronic newspapers and magazines, for a predetermined period of time, by downloading them from our eLibrary.

Servicio para bibliotecarios Foto: © Goethe-Institut

For Librarians

Our services for librarians include events, specialist information and networking opportunities for librarians.