The Old Dhaka Food Map

Join Goethe-Institut as it navigates the narrow roads of Old Dhaka to uncover a number of legendary eateries and their mouthwatering dishes. Every turn of the bustling streets reveals the legacy of various epochs, which live on to this day in the cultural, religious and gastronomic diversity.

Old Dhaka Food Map  © Goethe-Institut

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Themes and Projects


Human history is inevitably linked to crafts. Our dossier offers insights into projects and essayistic analysis to explore the importance of crafts for our society today, and to create networks.

Craft @ Goethe-Institut Bangladesch @ Goethe-Institut Bangladesh

Young feminism network

Feminism is evolving around the globe. Through diverse projects, we have been exploring how young Bangladeshis approach and explore questions on the subject. Outcomes include reading circles, essays, podcasts, deep listening experiences, visual art, poems, illustrations, a conference and a magazine.

Young Feminism © Goethe-Institut @ Goethe-Institut

Cassandra's eyes

This is a space where we invite women (and their others) to imagine ‘culture’ as a site of contention and possibility, time and superluminal travel.

Cassandra's eyes @ Farzana Islam


Our library is a place for everyone who wants to read and work, be inspired and meet like-minded people.

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Sun–Thu: 10am–5pm
Sun–Thu: 10am–5pm
Sun–Thu: 10am–5pm
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Cultural Collaboration

We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. 

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