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Broqué – the first bespoke circular fashion brand in Bangladesh, showcasing second-hand vintage jacket collection for winter 2020 © Mahenaz Chowdhury © Mahenaz Chowdhury


Although eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable fashion has only been a recent awakening for the global fashion industry, Bangladesh has been a quiet champion practicing it in silence for multiple generations. 

Mirror Photo (Detail): Luis-Salazar © Unsplash


Simply put, a “Fehler” is a mistake, but it’s also the response to one of life’s big questions: how do we innovate and make progress? Our answer: often by mistake. 

Outline of a head. Inside the head many colourful segments with English writing in them like Togetherness, Solidarity, Social Distancing. © Kitty Kahane


A virus is showing us how globally networked and yet how fragile our public life is. What does the pandemic mean to and for each of us and for society as a whole?

Restitution – An exhibition room of the permanent exhibition “Where is Africa” in the Linden-Museum. At a press conference in February 2020 the Linden-Museum Stuttgart presented perspectives and ideas for an ethnological museum of the future. Photo (detail): Tom Weller © picture alliance/dpa


Latitude promotes discourses on the effects of colonialism: looted art, provenance research, restitution and new approaches to museology.

Interherited memories © Goethe-Institut

Inherited Memories

20 respondents from west Bengal in India and Bangladesh have narrated their memories they have inherited from their previous generations

Migration & Integration © Foto: Andrea Kueppers

Migration und Integration

In a culturally diverse society which is strongly influenced by migration, integration – defined as the social participation of all people living in Germany – plays an important role. 

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