On the traces of Germany in the Territories

Did you know that...

...gold is still being mined in Dawson City?

One of the local prospectors is a descendant of German immigrants. In Yellowknife, the landscape design of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly Building was created by a landscape architect with German roots, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander. The magnificent nature of the Territories can be explored with the wide range of travel offers by "Yukon Wide Adventures", which has been run by the German computer scientist Thomas de Jager in Yukon since 2003. Traces of German baking art can be also found in some places - since the end of 2016 the organic "Alpine Bakery" in Whitehorse is run by Walter and Silvia Streit from Bavaria and in Carcross you can eat home-baked apple pie by Heike Graf in the "Caribou Crossing Coffee".