​Christos Georgiou

​Christos Georgiou © ​Christos Georgiou

was born and raised in Cyprus. He has studied Theatre Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and at the Open University of Cyprus (MA in Theatre Studies).

Christos Georgiou has worked as a theatrologist, theatre director, production manager and independent consultant, in collaboration with theatre companies, NGOs, and organisations in Cyprus and abroad, including the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC), the Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute, the Piraeus Prefecture (Greece), the Amphi-Theatre of Spyros A. Evangelatos (Greece), the Astràgali Teatro (Italy).

Christos Georgiou teaches History of Theatre at the Vladimiros Kafkarides Drama School, since 2016. In October 2013 he was appointed as Executive Director of the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute, a position he holds until today. He is Secretary (Vice-President) of the Network for Heritage, Indigenous Cultures & Migration, an international committee of the International Theatre Institute.

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