Mein Tag mit Superkräften

Illustration of the competition "My day with superpowers" © Goethe-Institut Cyprus

Within the framework of the Weeks of the German Language the Goethe-Institut Cyprus organised for the second time a competition for young learners of the German language aged 12–18.

The competition is completed.

Imagine you have superpowers – just like Batman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine or Hulk! What does your perfect day as a superhero look like? Show it in a short video and win some cool prizes!

Form a group of two or three and produce a short video in German language to show what makes you different from ordinary people.

These questions can help you with the task:
  • When do you get up?
  • What does your superhero costume look like?
  • What superpowers do you have?
  • How do you use them to help?
  • Who do you help?
  • How do you sleep?
  • Where do you live as a superhero?

A jury has selected the best entries. There were great prizes for the winners.

The closing date for entries was 9 November 2023.

Congratulations to the winners!

First Place: "Retter der Menschheit"
Grigorii Sammal, Polina Kuznetsova

Second Place: "Mein Tag mit Superkräften"
Mykhailo Popov, Elizaveta Marnitsyna, Luka Marnitsyn

Third Place: "Health"
Antreas Tsiakkarias, Maria Sigoulaki, Hien Thu Mai

Special prize: "Mein Tag mit Superkräften"
Vincent Zahrer, Miguel Nicolaides, Ektoras Christodoulou

The criteria on which the videos were evaluated were:

  • the appropriate use of the German language (spoken or written)
  • creativity and originality (unique and imaginative concept, original storytelling and ideas)
  • content relevance (adherence to the theme, consistency with the subject etc.)
  • video production quality (video and audio quality, editing and transitions, use of effects, overall technical competence etc.)
  • personal engagement and impact (emotional impact or connection with the audience, memorable and thought-provoking etc.)

Do you still have any questions?

Do you still have any questions about the competition? If so, write an email to


We are grateful to the Fondation Charles Haimoff for their support.

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