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Students and professor at the university Photo: Getty Images/Manchan.

Did you know that a hundred years ago 50% of people studying abroad were studying in Germany? Germany has attracted people looking for a first-class education ever since.

There are good reasons for studying in Germany:

  • Excellence in research and teaching
  • A wide and varied range of study options
  • No or low tuition fees.
  • Special support and mentoring of foreign students
  • Wide range of leisure activities at universities and many different opportunities off-campus to enjoy sport, culture or numerous other activities
  • Good career opportunities in Germany after graduating.
  • With about 100 million native speakers, German is the most widely-spoken language in Europe. The strengths of the German economy and its increasing global significance make German a language which is becoming ever more important in the world market.

International courses of studies

Many German universities offer courses leading to an internationally recognised qualification, covering a wide range of options: undergraduate, graduate und postgraduate courses (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD). All courses maintain high academic standards and are well organised; they are taught in English and supplemented with German courses.

Studying in Germany/ DAAD-consultation in the Goethe-Institut

You are interested in enrolling in a university in Germany and need some more information? Please get in contact with the representative of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Dr. Ina Sammler.

Every first Thursday of each month at 5.30 pm Ina Sammler will answer your questions about studying in Germany during her consultation hour in the Goethe-Institut. Or you can make an appointment with her to meet with you in her office at the University of Cyprus.
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