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Do you like podcasts?

Then look forward to our wide selection of free audios! We have something for every language level and interest; even German beginners will get their money's worth. Grab your headphones and listen in!

Radio D banner image Grafik: Goethe-Institut

#Language #Germany
Radio D

Learn more about Germany with "Radio D" - even without a teacher. An English-speaking presenter guides you through the language course and discusses structures and phrases of the German language with different conversation partners.

kurz & bündig Podcast Goethe-Institut

#Language #Politics #Germany
kurz & bündig

In each episode, "kurz & bündig" presents interesting word explanations or idioms. Exciting topics from politics, business and society in Germany for language level B2/C1.

A group of young people in an office cheer and high-five each other. © Goethe-Institut

#Language #Career #Germany
Arriving in the professional world

“Ankommen in der Berufswelt" provides information about starting a career in Germany. Mehmet, Mariia, Tristan, Yichun and Nhung provide insights into their experiences.

Sag's Mir - Web Banner © Goethe-Institut London

#Language #Germany
Sag's mir

"Sag's mir" accompanies teens on a virtual internship week as they develop their professional skills, meet enthusiastic Germanists, and make friendships and professional connections.