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Elena Christodoulidou

Half portrait of a woman with black hair in a topknot and light brown eyes. She is wearing a black blouse with embroidered sleeves, standing in front of a white wall and looking at the camera.
Photo: Elena Christodoulidou

Living in a divided small country makes this absurd situation more difficult to handle in my mind and soul. Always looking to break the walls, expand the boundaries, reach to everything different and at the same time important and interesting, I found the Goethe-Institut Cyprus to be an oasis of support, understanding and energy flow over any dividing lines. This endless exchange of ideas, moments of collaboration, thinking out of the box and reimagining unity, confronting personal views and creating special fragments of social and cultural events create an outstanding relationship between Egomio, the Goethe-Institut Cyprus and the society. Egomio is mainly a performing arts centre.

Through continuous dialogue and collaboration the Cyprus audience has the chance to see artists from Germany. The influential dance scene of Germany stands at the heart of the dance community and dance audience of Cyprus. The issues that stand at the heart of the invited dance performances are of social dynamics and complexities that arise from the varied and different approaches of German dance artists or even artists from other countries living in Germany for many years. Egomio Cultural Centre managed to build dance bridges and international cooperation having the Goethe-Institut Cyprus supporting and respecting an independent art centre in Cyprus.