Exhibition gute aussichten: new german photography 2014/2015

What Is a Second When Next to It the World Stands Still? (c) Karolin Back, 2014/2015, www.guteaussichten.org
Vernissage presentation "Photography in Germany today"  (Rebecca Sampson, photographer, laureate of "gute aussichten") and reception on Monday, April 6, 2015, 7 p.m.

On a quest for life itself: “Distrust that Particular Flavor” (William Gibson, 2012)

Every year “gute aussichten” presents a singular and extensive survey of the style and the content of the portfolio of young German photographers. This year the exhibition features works by Karolin Back, Katharina Fricke, Andrea Grützner, Marvin Hüttermann, Stefanie Schroeder, Jannis Schulze, Kolja Warnecke, Eduard Zent.

In its eleventh year, “gute aussichten” finds that the young generation of photographers is after the most basic and existential questions of life: the banality of death and that which remains — or that, following the deceased, vanishes without a trace. Or the rootedness that people find in their tradition or origins, and how even they have long ago integrated the gadgets and everyday objects of the (affluent) western society. In other words: The eight “gute aussichten 2014/2015” award winners are hot on life's heels. Death, migration, discrimination, loneliness, isolation and desperation are put face to face with happiness, cognizance, diversity and creative energy.

Here is a brief overview of the photographers and their work:
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