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Tue, 23.02.2016

Go For Zucker (Alles auf Zucker)
Germany 2004/5; feature film; director: Dani Levi;  95 min

Jaeckie Zucker is a gambler. He was born Jakob Zuckermann in 1947 but leads a very unkosher existence and has long since distanced himself from the “Jewish crowd”. When the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 his mother fled to Frankfurt am Main in West Germany together with his older brother Samuel, but Jaeckie remained behind, resulting in a family rift which has only widened over the years. Jaeckie was a star sports reporter in East Germany - but the fall of the Wall put an end to his career. These days he just about keeps his head above water by entering pool championships and trying his luck at gambling. However, fortune no longer smiles on Jaeckie; his luck appears to be running out.
After the death of his mother, the bankrupt gambler receives a visit from his orthodox brother Samuel Zuckermann and family. During the wake, Jaeckie secretly takes part in a pool championship to win the money he needs to pay off his debts…

German Film Award (Deutscher Filmpreis) 2005
  - Lola, best music
  - Lola in gold, best feature film
  - Lola, best main actor
  - Lola, best costumes
  - Lola, best script
  - Lola, best director
Festival of German Films (Festival des Deutschen Films), Madrid 2005: award of the public
Verband der Deutschen Filmkritik 2005:award of the German film critics: best script
Club der Berliner Filmjournalisten 2005: Ernst-Lubitsch-Preis: best comedy
European Film Smiles Festival, Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic) 2005: main award, best European film