DRIN: Children's books for everyone #7

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WED 17.11.2021, 7-8 pm EET


Book club

Please note the time zone! (EET)

Welcome to the DRIN book club to discuss diverse children’s literature! In each meeting there will be 2-3 book introductions followed by discussion and exchange of thoughts and ideas. Everyone is welcome to the book club: parents, teachers, kindergarten teachers, librarians as well as everyone else working with or using children’s books.

We will announce the books of each meeting beforehand so everyone can have a look at them if they wish to. However, reading the books is not a precondition for joining – you can just join us in search for new interesting book tips! We also welcome book tips from all the participants - feel free to bring your own book to discuss.

The book club is international and the language is English. The books to be discussed can be in any language.

The seventh book club: 

with Veronica Salinas, who is an author, communicator and researcher at the Norwegian Children's Book Institute, and Martha Wohlleber.
The books/ topics to be discussed:
  • Veronica Salina's children's book series with the little duck e.g. "The Voyage"
  • Martha Wohlleber's study regarding diverse children's literature in Germany

The book clubs will be hosted by Martha Wohlleber who has studied diversity in children’s literature within a German context.

We use Zoom. Please register here:
Registration DRIN book club You will receive an e-mail with the link to the event.

For whom?
For everyone who wants to discuss diversity in children’s literature, get interesting book recommendations, learn more about the topic and network with others.

The event is part of the project DRIN - Visions for Children's Books.