Storytelling marathon Kolibrí Festivaali

Children with books © Kolíbri

Sun, 26.09.2021

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Kulttuuritehdas Vernissa

Multicultural art festival for children and their families

Kolibrí, an art festival for children in the Metropolitan area, organizes a multilingual storytelling afternoon for listeners from 4 years of age. Stories will be read in German, Somali, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

The event also focuses on diverse children’s books from Europe since these books – with regard to authorship, characters and plots – are still far from being as diverse as the children speaking those languages and the societies they grow up in.

DRIN (Inside) - Visions for children’s books

Similar to Kolibrí Festivaali’s concept, to offer a cultural program that responds to children’s diversity, Goethe Institute’s project DRIN aims at drawing attention to diversity, representation, inclusion and norm critique in children’s books. Since these books shape the way we see the world from the earliest age, it’s important that they illustrate the diversity of the realities of our lives, and that every child can feel represented by and connected to the stories and illustrations. The topic can be addressed by raising awareness and pointing out good examples, as well as by connecting all parties involved: authors, illustrators, publishers, libraries and readers.

In our library at Goethe Institute there are several German children’s books related to DRIN’s aims available.

Timetable storytelling marathon

2:00 PM:
Spanish (Verónica Miranda), Portuguese (Bianca Benini)

3:00 PM:
German (Frédéric Gesing), Somali (Warda Ahmed), Italian (Renata Grillo), French (Cynthia Nivot)

The event is free of charge, but visitors need to register at Kolibrí Festivaali`s website.

Other cooperation partners: Lukupesä, EUNIC, Italian Institute of culture, French Institute, Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Spain