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German for Young People

Jugendliche Deutschlerner Foto: Goethe-Institut/Bernhard Ludewig

Our Resources

The Goethe-Institut has developed a variety of web-projects, online exercises and more for students and teachers of German. Products specifically developed for British schools can be found here.

Materials According to Key Stages

These materials have been developed for British secondary schools.
Every offer indicates the suitable key stages - KS3, KS4, AS/A2 for England and Wales or S1/S2, S3/S4, H/AH for Scotland. Further down you find materials developed specifically for the Scottish curriculum.

The German Quiz Challenge

An assessment and learning tool to increase the quality of German lessons and learners' motivation.

Kultur erleben in Deutschland

In what ways can you experience culture in Germany? From literature to media and festivals: our calendar presents twelve topics.

German cinema for your classroom

We have great German movies for you to show in class. All films come with teaching resources and subtitles.

Poster Exhibition: Deutsche Städte und Landschaften

Technology and nature, sports and culture: In this exhibition we showcase a small selection of Gemany's diversity.


Handwerksberufe in Deutschland

On twelve calendar sheets we offer attractive pictures, texts and worksheets for the classroom.

Poster exhibition: Märchenwelten

A fairy tale themed touring poster exhibition is available for schools to borrow up to 3 weeks. Teaching resources are available online.

Poster exhibition: Inventions from Germany

This exhibition deals with German scientific inventions and can be borrowed for up to three weeks.

Museum Quizzes for School Classes

Three great musuem quizzes for pupils who want to explore German cultural heritage are now available online.

The Smart Choice: German at Secondary Schools in the UK

Why should British students actually learn German, if English is "lingua franca" already? This video makes the case for learning German and includes a range of identifiable brands.

Pop from Germany - Our Spotify Playlist

Discover our playlist "Pop from Germany" on Spotify and combine language learning with the enjoyment of music.

Double Club – Football and German for your pupils

Double Club is a program of the Arsenal football club in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut London to combine language learning with Football.

Pop Culture

German rocks – PopKultur brings beats, riffs and sounds into the lesson and mixes German with music.

Film ab! Short films and promotional videos

A selection of short films and promotional videos, great to use in German lessons with additional teaching materials. 

Meet the Germans

What is typical about them? Read portraits and interviews of people worth knowing and Rory MacLean’s blog from Berlin.

Step into German

Learn German the fun way – through music, football and film.

GCSE-website 'Auf Deutsch'

Our GCSE website 'Auf Deutsch' is especially aimed at young learners of German and offers articles, videos and pictures on relevant topics.


What do young Germans do in their free time? From football and travelling to voluntary work: our calendar presents twelve popular activities.

Jugend in Deutschland

Discover the theme “Youth in Germany” with your students on the basis of authentic materials with topics like love or family. The material includes perspectives of young people. 


On twelve calendar sheets we offer attractive pictures, texts and worksheets for the classroom.

Feste feiern

How do the Germans celebrate holidays and events? You can find texts, pictures, statistics and songs plus teaching materials on this topic here.

Kurz und Gut macht Schule II

Kurz und Gut macht Schule II offers a selection of great animated short films from Germany for your classroom.

Speaker Programme German Embassy

The speaker programme of the German Embassy was developed for schools and universities and helps to invite a German expert.

Best practice

Stuck for ideas? Have a look what other schools have organised to boost German.

A-Level / Advanced Higher German Topics

Discover useful German weblinks and research A-Level / Advanced Higher German topics.

Menschen In Deutschland

What is coming of age like in Germany? And moreover, what's "typical" for people in Germany?

BBC Bitesize GCSE German

Pupils can learn German, practise their grammar and discover what life is like in German-speaking countries with guides, tests, audio, animations and videos.

Apps For German

Here you'll find some ideas on how to use apps in your German class.

Chefket Resources

Bring fun and variety in your German classes with our extensive Chefket resources.

Host a German Language Assistant

German Language assistants can help students with on developing their conversation skills and understanding other cultures.

Fairy Tales on DVD

The ARD recently produced new adaptions of the brothers Grimm’s classic fairy tales. The films were shot at romantic castles and in enchanted forests all over Germany.

Sport in Deutschland

On twelve calendar sheets we offer attractive pictures, texts and worksheets for the classroom.

Brotmüller Song Materials

Bring fun and variety in your German classes with our extensive Brotmüller resources.

Scottish Curriculum

Insights: World War I (History)

Cross-curricular teaching material for Curriculum for Excellence.

Biological Diversity and Animal Protection in Germany (Science)

Cross-curricular teaching material for Curriculum for Excellence.

A Well-Balanced Diet (Home Economics)

Cross-curricular teaching material for Curriculum for Excellence.