Covid inspires 1,200 new German words

Drawing: face coverings
© Goethe-Institut

Are you "coronamüde" with your "coronafrisur"?

According to the Leibniz Institute for the German Language, the Covid-19 pandemic has produced over 1,200 new words in German over the past year – many more than the 200 seen in an average year.

You may be feeling "coronamüde" with the whole pandemic, donning a "coronafrisur" – a lockdown hairstyle – while hair salons are temporarily closed around Europe or looking forward to an "Abstandsparty" as soon as you are able to gather with people again. Whatever experiences you’ve had during this pandemic, you can be sure that there is a German word for it.

To celebrate the list of new German words, we invited learners of German from primary and secondary schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to get in touch with their corona-poems, songs and drawings incorporating one of these new German words. Take a look at their creations below!


  • Lauren, Year 12 ©Lauren, Year 12
  • Darina, Year 7 ©Darina, Year 7
  • Beatrice, Year 7 © Beatrice, Year 7
  • Nina, Year 9 ©Nina, Year 9
  • Toby, Year 9 ©Toby, Year 9
  • Lydia, Year 9 ©Lydia, Year 9
  • Lilia, Year 8 © Lilia, Year 8