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EuropeIllustration (detail): © Tobias Schrank


The tension between national consciousness and European community, the gap between city and country as well as divided generations – these ambivalent feelings, conflicts of identity and the divided view of Europe are particularly noticeable in the United Kingdom. That is why we want to reflect more on the current state and the future challenges of Europe. What does "Europe" mean? What are "European" identities? And what can cultural work contribute to create a common Europe?



Tell Me About Europe - Key-Visual in Pink © Groupe Dejour

Tell Me About Europe
Stories Beyond Generations

Europe is more than a continent or an idea. Europe consists of many different stories – personal stories of people from different generations. The project “Tell me about Europe” brings the memories of well-known Europeans alive and invites you to listen and join in the discussion.

A look through the "Disappearing Wall" with some quote blocks Photo (detail): Natalia Cheban

Disappearing Wall
European Diversity

The interactive wall installation “Disappearing Wall” combines quotes from European high and pop culture to demonstrate Europe’s diversity. From summer 2020, the striking installations can be seen in ten European countries.

Logo of the project Europe's kitchen Glasgow Illustration: © Daniela Burger

"Europe’s Kitchen" in Glasgow
Event Series in Scotland and online with Jeannette Ehlers

Video installations by Danish-Trinidadian artist Jeannette Ehlers are the starting point for this event series in Scotland. It combines food, recipes and intellectual responses to Jeannette Ehlers` art to create different forms and layers of exchange, locally as well as online.

Newsletter about current cultural events

All our events in the visual arts, film, literature, music, dance and theatre!

Europe and us

What is our position on Europe? What is Europe's position in the world? Two questions that are linked and their answers could overcome limits and borders.

2 Banksy does Brexit (detail) Foto: dullhunk © dullhunk

Residency Programme: Journalism/Writing
(Re-)Collecting Europe

This residency (March-April 2019) invites two journalists from European countries to investigate, question, debate and reflect on the impact of Brexit on the British civil society.
Current Artists: Loveday Wright & Julia Smirnova

Freiraum © Goethe-Institut

On the status of freedom in Europe

Physical distancing, border closings and surveillance have shaped the lives of Europeans during the coronavirus pandemic – freedoms have been restricted. What is the status of freedom in Europe today? This question will be the focus of the Freiraum Festival on 30 and 31 October.

Europe - Open to debate

Europe as an idea, a concept, a "Staatenverbund": that's open to debate! Let's argue with each other – not against each other. And perhaps we will find common ground on this continent.

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