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For schools, GIMAGINE offers exciting projects to motivate students, provides tangible resources and materials, and can provide teaching services to schools who face an HR shortage. 

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The GIMAGINE Award for young German learners

The Gimagine Award is a highly engaging, innovative self-learning platform for young learners (14 – 18 years of age), equipping them with beginner German skills and current global knowledge about a broad range of topics. Learners will collect points that lead to the “GIMAGINE Award Certificate” – an official certificate stating their achievements.

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Young Goethe Scheme

Invite university and A-Level/Highers students of German into your primary or secondary classrooms to inspire and motivate younger students to learn or continue with German!

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Support for schools

Language Hub Schools

The National Consortium for Languages Education (NCLE) has selected and announced the first Language Hubs. Schools across England will act as hubs to promote language learning.

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German Expert Mentors (GEM) network

As part of the educational outreach programme GIMAGINE, the Goethe-Institut trains German teachers in a professional upskilling programme to become professional teaching coaches. GEMs (German Expert Mentors) will become part of a nationwide network of professionals, who share their expertise with colleagues. Schools will be able to request a GEM to visit their institution, increasing teaching resources as needed.

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