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Carsten Nicolai playing live with visual show behind him Nikolaus Brade

In conversation with

Here you can find exclusive interviews with those involved in our cultural programmes and events.

Illustration, on the left-hand side you can see an open book against a beige background, illuminated from above by three spotlights. On the right-hand side, the same motif is smaller and can be seen five times on a bright orange background. © Goethe-Institut/ El Boum

New project on literature
Vorzeichen. Whom, What, and How We Read.

Through online readings and talks at the intersection of scholarship with the literary scene, as well as book reviews on Instagram, the series intends to open up spaces for texts and readers, different ways of reading and new perspectives on literature. Read more about the project and upcoming events on the website of the project. 

Talking culture logo and image of Agnieszka, Johannes and Mike Goethe-Institut London

Talking Culture Podcast
Episode #19: Synthetic Life: A future of 'Natural History?'

The creations of biodigital convergence are redefining what constitutes life, just as a mass extinction is taking place. Emerging synthetic life includes biological robots, digitally controlled dragonflies, and internet-connected implants in humans. What future natural history is being created today? The developments raise complex philosophical, societal and ecological questions about the kind of future present biotechnologies are ushering in. We explore what becomes of nature when life is synthetic and ask what role biotech can play in ecological restoration. 

A man is looking at a group of bathers © Smina Bluth | Schuldenberg Films

Cinema and Online

Goethe-Kino is our monthly series of contemporary German cinema, outstanding TV productions and film classics. All movies are shown with English subtitles unless otherwise specified. We are offering screenings at the Goethe-Institut London on the last Wednesday of every month. We are delighted to continue our online Goethe-Kino, running for 10 days after the cinema screening.

Share your thoughts on the films via social media using #GoetheKino.

Black and White photo of institut in Germany Michael Friedel

Past Projects

Interested in finding out more about our previous programmes? Here you can browse through our archive.