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GIMAGINE promotes and supports the learning of German as a foreign language in the UK. The project centres around students, teachers and schools. Apart from offering initiatives for professional advancement to German teachers, the project can fund learning German through scholarships and provides schools with classroom materials and teaching resources.

A map of the UK with a network of schools and learning hubs as overlay © Goethe-Institut

Initiative Partners

GIMAGINE is a project by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with its partners of the National Consortium for Languages Education. The National Consortium for Languages Education (NCLE) is a partnership of UCL's Faculty of Education and Society (IOE), the British Council and the Goethe-Institut.  In accordance with GIMAGINE, NCLE Language Hubs are being set up to promote the quality of language teaching throughout England. NCLE aims to increase the uptake of language qualifications in English state schools.

Funded by

GIMAGINE is funded by England's Department for Education and Germany's Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).