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Getting a grasp of A.I. at the Goethe-Institut London© Eva Beck / Goethe-Institut

Art and Technology

Artificial intelligence, the Semantic Web, blockchains and cryptocurrencies – everyone’s talking about digitisation, and yet some seminal new technologies are unknown to the general public. With a view to boosting digital literacy in civil society, we start up projects about technologies that have the potential to transform society. We bring cultural values and critical perspectives into the debate and point up sociocultural, humanist and ethical aspects that should inform the ways in which we use and shape these developments.

Current Programmes & Projects

DAOWO © Goethe-Institut | Studio Hyte


DAOWO: Decentralised Autonomous Organisation With Others - The global collaboration project examines the potential of blockchain technologies for the arts and civil society. By convening transnational networks of leading international arts and tech institutions and communities, we seek to seed a new decentralised ecology of open source cultural organisations, built by artists embedded in distributed global communities.
An initiative of Furtherfield, Serpentine Galleries and the Goethe-Institut London.

Couch Lessons Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

Generation A = Algorithm
Couch Lessons

Artificial Intelligence will contribute to a new revolution in human history. We invited experts from all over the world to discuss the opportunities, challenges and risks associated with algorithmic decision-making systems in this digital-format.
All episodes are available online for you to watch!

Logo containing the words “One Zero Society” © Goethe-Institut e. V./Illustration: Tobias Schrank

Perspectives on Post-Digital Cultures
One Zero Society

Digitisation is a transformation process and a creative task for civil society. The magazine “One Zero Society” invites to a global exchange about our future. 

Weather Glass or Crystal Ball? © Goethe-Institut, LABLAB

Mapping the Weather in Arts & Science

The project is an interdisciplinary research in the region of North-West Europe. Through hackathons, artistic research and a concluding symposium it explores the questions of how weather and climate change are experienced and how we communicate about them.

New Technologies in Our Lives

Our everyday lives are determined by technology – by the tools we use and which (often without our even noticing it) use us. We’ve put together a collection of articles that critically explore various aspects of new technologies.

AI supporting human translators Philippos Vassiliades | CC-BY-SA

Technology and Literature
A.I. and Literary Translation

Is Artificial Intelligence advanced enough to grasp and process literary texts in all their linguistic richness, and translate them into another language? Will it ever be advanced enough? Or will it remain "artificial" instead of "artistic"? Perhaps it doesn't have to be perfect to be useful and can work as a tool to support literary translators in their work – Let's ask some experts! 

Day-Afterthoughts in your head © Kitty Kahane

Reflexions on a Post-Corona Time

A virus is showing us how globally networked and yet how fragile our public life is. What does the pandemic mean to and for each of us and for society as a whole? Intellectuals and artists around the world respond with regard to our present predicament and what lies in store for us afterwards.

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