• Interior view of the library at the Goethe-Institut Glasgow with bookshelves and seating Photo: Goethe-Institut Glasgow
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  • Two people sitting at a large table in the library. Photo: Goethe-Institut Glasgow
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  • A young woman reading a magazine in the entrance area of the library. Photo: Goethe-Institut Glasgow
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  • A young woman sitting at a round table reading a magazine in the entrance area of the library Photo: Goethe-Institut Glasgow


Goethe-Institut Glasgow
3 Park Circus
Glasgow G3 6AX
Tel. + 44 141 3322555

Opening Hours

Monday              10am – 8pm
(Service:               2pm – 7pm)
Tuesday             10am – 8pm 
(Self-Service only)
Wednesday        10am – 6pm
(Self-Service only)
Thursday            10am – 8pm
(Service:                2pm – 7pm)

*Service hours include registration for memberships


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What we offer


Our library is open to the public and you can find an up-to-date and representative selection of media in German language and in translation, reflecting trends and current topics in Germany.


Our digital library Onleihe offers access to more than 20,000 German-language media such as e-books, audio books and music, newspapers, magazines and films, free of charge.

Book Blog: Literary Tastings

Check out the monthly comparisons of German books in translation with recent UK book trends in our book blog.

Meet and Practice

Various free events around the topics of German language and culture take place at the Institute on a regular basis. Enhance your knowledge of Germany! All welcome.

Events for Translators

Regular events for emerging and established literary translators of all language combinations.

Translation funding

Our translation funding programme supports the publication of books by German authors in another language.

Search online through our library shelves

New DVDs © Goethe-Institut Glasgow

New Films in our Library

Summer 2022
Fancy a film night? You will find plenty new films to choose from.

Books Sustainability © Goethe-Institut Glasgow

Books and DVDs on Sustainability

An updated selection of books and films about sustainability (in German) can be found in our library.

New Books © Goethe-Institut Glasgow

New Books in our library

Spring 2022
We have an interesting selection of new reads. There is sure to be one that inspires you!

New Books for Children © Goethe-Institut Glasgow

New Books for children

Spring 2022
We offer a new selection of children's books.


'The German Riveter' by the European Literature Network © Axel Scheffler

A start on German literature
German Riveter

Recommended books by the European Literature Network can be found in our library and in our digital library.

"New Books in German" logo: three vertical bars in different colours symbolising three books © New Books in German

An expert selection
New Books in German

Reviews of new German-language titles from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The essential resource for publishers, translators, booksellers and readers.

What makes a "good" translation? Philippos Vassiliades | CC-BY-SA

Technology and Literature

Is Artificial Intelligence advanced enough to grasp and process literary texts in all their linguistic richness, and translate them into another language?