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Blind Dates: M© Goethe-Institut Ghana

Blind Date: Two countries. Two perspectives. One topic.

In 2022, the Goethe-Institut Ghana started a series of talks called "Blind Dates", which strengthens the cultural exchange between Ghana and Germany by controversially discussing current topics that are valued differently in the two countries.

One person from Germany and one from Ghana are invited to conduct a moderated discussion. While the Ghanaian discussion partner and the audience sit on the balcony of the institute, the discussion partner from Germany is usually connected via video. Furthermore, the discussion will be streamed live on our social media channels, so that interested people can also join from home.

The series is called "BLIND Dates" because the discussion partners do not know each other beforehand and are supposed to spontaneously engage with each other's perspectives. At the beginning of the conversation, both sides give a prepared statement of about 5 minutes, on which the other person then comments. Afterwards, the moderator Elizabeth Johnson will lead the discussion. She is a Ghanaian and works as a writer, author and cultural activist. In the cultural scene, she is best known for her work with the Writers Project of Ghana (WPG), the Pa Gya! literary festival, and Oroko Radio.

The aim of the Blind Dates is to promote mutual understanding and exchange between Ghana and Germany, to foster a multi-perspective dialogue at eye level and to explore new avenues in joint cultural work. Of course, one person cannot speak for an entire country. Therefore, the interlocutors represent not so much an entire country, but rather their own point of view, which is in turn influenced by the given culture. Elizabeth Johnson pays attention to a balanced participation, teases out differences and similarities out from the conversation partners, mediates between them and encourages the audience to think along, actively involving them for the most differentiated opinion poll possible..

According to the the motto "Lets talk about..." we have so far had conversations on the following topics below.

Past conversations are available on our Instagram channel GI Ghana Instagram page
You are cordially invited to join us on the next Blind Dates either on site at the Goethe-Institut Ghana or via live stream.


Blind Date: February 2022 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

February 2022

Feminism - A conversation between Akosua Hanson and Sookee on Feb. 23, 2022

Blind Date: March 2022 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

March 2022

Masculinity - A conversation between Rene Aguigah and Akosua Adomako Ampofo on March 29, 2022

Blind Date: April 2022 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

April 2022

Equal rights for all - A conversation between Chike Frankie Edozien and Malcolm Ohanwe on April 20, 2022

Blind Date: May 2022 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

May 2022

Cultural appropriation - A conversation between Aseye Tamakloe and Lars Distelhorst on May 26, 2022

Blind Dates: November 2022 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

November 2022

Gender and Beauty (ideals) - A conversation between Amelia Amemate and Celia Parbey on November 22, 2022

Blind Dates: February 2023 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

Februar 2023

Media and Beauty (ideals) - A conversation between Petra Stegmann and Andy Madjitey on February 15, 2023

Blind Dates: April 2023 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

April 2023

Cancel Culture - A conversation between Jens Balzer and Bright Ackwerh on April 19, 2023.

Blind Dates: May 2023 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

May 2023

Fast Fashion - A conversation between Friederike von Wedel-Parlow and Yvette Tetteh on May 25, 2023

Blind Dates:  June 2023 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

June 2023

Conflict of Genrations - A conversation between Kobby Graham and Jörg Tremmel on 27. Juni 2023


August 2023 © Goethe-Institut Ghana

August 2023

Japa Culture -A conversation between Pamm Takyiwaa and Jochen Schuppener on August 14 2023