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In order to study in Germany, you will need to apply for a study visa at the German Consulate General in Hong Kong.

There are several different kinds of study visas. Find out which one applies to you:

Student visa: You have been accepted by a university in Germany and have the letter of acceptance

Student applicant’s visa: You have not yet been accepted but have proof of correspondence with a university or Uni-Assist

Student internship visa: You have been accepted for an internship by your future employer in Germany

Language course visa as preparation for university studies: You plan to study in Germany, but your planned course requires German-language skills, which you intend to acquire in Germany

Please refer to the website of the German Consulate General in Hong Kong for further information on the prerequisites for each of the visa types, which documents you need to submit, and to book an appointment.
You should start preparing your application as soon as you have plans to stay long-term in Germany for your studies. The entire visa application process can take several months. You need to book an appointment for your application.