By Ariane Königshof & Amjad Al-Mestarihy


mamarrat - By Amjad Al-Mestarihy & Ariane Königshof © Amjad Al-Mestarihy & Ariane Königshof

The current situation seems to feel uncertain for people all over the world and the nescience of what is going on has impact on our souls. Forced to live in distance: Physical distance is a parameter of how close objects or / and humans get to each other - still a physical touch can be distant because the real touch might be much more inside, not touchable by physical process. In our digital project the main focus of senses are audio and visual structures - still we focus on touch in different layers.
We are collecting ordinary sounds from people all over the world who record theirselves creating a sound with an object from home. Amjad mixes a special rhythm / music out of the different sounds which Ariane visualizes by a stop motion video out of paintings.

mamarrat is arabic and means corridors: A corridor as a long path which is usually pretty narrow implicates physical distance in lenghts but propinquity in width. Light by the end of the tunnel is an inner relief whereas the closeness of width can effect trepidation. As a corridor with plenty of doors it is a place of decisions. Also people can enter and cross your way - connecting people from different paths to overcome distance.
Clapping 30 seconds in a defined tempo but individual rhythm is kind of creating a ritual. Ritual can be seen as a healing process in times of crisis, no matter if personal or global. It might help to cope with a situation of nescience. 

The visual part copes with that feeling of nescience, loosing our body, trying to formate all segements together again. Analyzing the space inbetween - the actual distance, corridors, trying to catch our own limbs to feel balanced again - a continous search for a special rhythm / balance in life.

About the project - Amjad & Ariane © Amjad Al-Mestarihy & Ariane Königshof

About the project

Artists profile

Amjad Al-Mestarihy

Amjad Al-Mestarihy

I am a musician from the North of Jordan, Irbid, and the lead guitarist of Octave band. In my city I started the first independent open space "Garage Art" to support culture and local artists.

Ariane Königshof

Ariane Königshof

I am Ariane Königshof from Berlin. I studied fashion design in Dresden and fine arts (painting / sculpture) in Hamburg. I am currently working in theatre as a costume and set designer assistant.