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Ecco Meineke & Madiha Bee

Three poems in video, one poem to a video

By Madiha Bee & Ecco Meineke


The Jordanian-based artist Madiha Bee provided three poems from her forthcoming volume of poems "Lightworkers” and the German artist  Ecco Meineke created video-visualizations and musical settings related to them. Furthermore he produced a new video for which Madiha Bee created a poem.
1) In "The Book of Miraculous Signs" a carafe with water was chosen as story-teller.
The “unwritten” clarity of the water is colored with different fluids related to the narration: torch, rain, night, storm, silence, earth, wind,
organic plant growth. The music of the audio track is inspired by classical film music.

2) In “Children in the Dust Valley” animated Mikado sticks grow out of muddy earth
The music of the audio track mimics modern Middle Eastern pop.

3) “I Walked Across Because” shows the walking feet of a woman on different surfaces (rock, grass,
road, gravel, bank, stairs) and in different conditions (barefoot, sandals, hiking shoes, high heels) that end up happily on a magic tree.

4) “Who am I” shows a female and a male face, both with facial expressions, which were added up at random. Madiha Bee created a poem related to the video and recited it. 

Artists profile

Ecco Meineke

Ecco Meineke

Ecco Meineke lives and works in Munich since 1977.
After his studies in German philology and literature, art and theatre studies, he worked as a playwright and musician of all genres (chanson, soul, jazz, folk, klezmer, film and theatre music). Since 2000 he also works as a visual artist in the fields of photography, video and spatial installation as well as curatorial work, including the reopening of the Pinakothek der Moderne/Munich. Meineke runs a gallery ("GaGalerie") in Munich, where he prefers to exhibit national and international female artists.

Madiha Bee

Madiha Bee

Madiha Bee is passionate about consciousness, creativity, and feminine empowerment from within. She is the author of "The Lightworkers of Amman" and holds degrees from Columbia, LSE, and Oxford. Her life took a 360 degree turn when she decided to follow her passion and become a Coach, Sound Healer, and Breathwork Facilitator in order to help her community evolve through these crazy times.