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Fiona Grond & Humam Eid

Muse in Disguise

By Fiona Grond & Humam Eid


Two different music styles combined into one musically beautiful weaved piece that captivates the ears from its enchanting decrescendos and climatic crescendos.

This composition, with its combination of the meditative vocal improvisations, touches of piano chords, the enticing strokes of the melodious Oud and Qanoun, has been composed with the collaboration of the two artists with two different musical backgrounds that show the beauty of mixing the two worlds together.

About the production process:

Since I have known that Fiona was my partner in this project I immediately started searching and listening attentively to some of Fiona’s online work to have a better idea about her style that I was supposed to merge with; knowing that Fiona’s style was a bit different from what I usually perform. A few days later, I got in contact with Fiona and we directly agreed on how to move forward.
Actually, there was little talking and a lot of dynamic music exchange between us; as the track kept on swinging effectively from Fiona to me with new rhythms, oriental improvisations and vocal effects; each contributing with her/his own experience.
The first step of the production consisted of composing the backing track, which was done by Fiona and used 6/8 time signature. Added to that was a short melody of the Oud, played by myself and which was repeated twice at the beginning and at the end in order to ensure the works unity. In a second step, the track was given back to Fiona to record her vocal improvisation, imitatimng the Qanoun. She also  created an intro improvisation. Afterwards, I added a Qanoun improvisation, enriching the track with Arabic Maqams. At the end, Fiona made her final her final contribution by adding vocal effects of her own and mixing all the work together which enhanced the track’s power of expression.

Artists profile

Fiona Grond

Fiona Grond

Fiona Grond is a Munich based vocalist and composer. She grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and moved to Germany in 2014 where she is currently finishing her Master’s degree in jazz vocals and composition. She has had the opportunity to work and study with many international musicians such as the New York Voices, Sheila Jordan, Theo Bleckmann and many more. She is singing in numerous projects, big and small, such as the Jazzrausch Bigband, Christian Elsässer Jazz Orchestra and has even shared the stage with Bobby McFerrin at the Philharmonic in Munich. She is currently working on an album with her own project „Fiona Grond / Interspaces“.

Humam Eid

Humam Eid

Humam Eid, a musician who plays on several Arabic instruments, basically the Oud. He studied music with some of the most important musicians in the Arab world, such as Sakher Hattar and Khalid Mohammed Ali, and continued his higher education in The National Music Conservatory – Al-Yarmouk University, majoring in Arabic Music. Humam is considered one of the most known Oud players in Jordan and internationally; he has several music awards in performance, and he participated in a lot of festivals around the world. He takes part in many Arabic music groups, and he is the coordinator of Amman Arabic Music Ensemble. He also works in teaching Oud, Saz, Qanun, Arabic music theory and analysis, and music reading.