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The Film Residency
Ginan Seidl

Ginan Seidl© Ginan Seidl


Ginan Seidl is a video/installation artist and filmmaker based in Halle/Saale, after she studied plastic arts in Halle (Saale), Berlin, and Mexico City, she participated in the Professional Media Master Class and Master Class Lab of Werkleitz e.V. in 2012 and 2016. She has won several art awards and had residencies in Istanbul and Mexico. Her work has been shown in international film festivals, exhibitions, and art festivals. She is a member of the collective Rosenpictures.


‘Wind’ is a feature film project with experimental elements, which describes the condition of identity and its ephemerality during a difficult illness. Leo and Maha are dancers, lovers and used to work as a performers duo in Leipzig/Germany. Together, they have to face the difficulties of Maha´s illness and its daily challenges. Moreover, they have to cope with the changes of their physical relationship as well as the end of their common career. The couple of different cultural and social origin, Leo -from a conservative but rich East-German Family and Maha, whose father fled Lebanon and whose mother had died in Lebanese civil war, live intensively the different states of change and perception of the world. Their relationship starts to crumble as their insecurity grows upon questions on identity and the heavily disturbing moments of the experience of the illness.


Seidl's experimentation with form and format is not without a steadfast overarching vision. In her wide-ranged artistic output, Ginan, a German citizen of Iraqi descent, unmistakingly draws from personal and intimate experience to challenge first-degree assumptions and easy categorisations. She takes up residence in Halle/Saale, Berlin and Mexico City and produces video installations, short form documentaries and is now on to her first feature fiction. This new film, set in Leipzig, reshuffles notions of identity, illness and diaspora that resonate well beyond the struggles of the multiracial couple at the heart of her story. Beirut's residency will afford Ginan fresh perspectives with the purpose of rendering her narrative all-the-more solid and compelling.