The INPUT (INternational PUblic Television) is an annually held TV-conference and non-governmental association whose delegates are TV-professionals from public television services from all over the world. Its foremost purpose is the promotion of public service television as a driving force in society. They are aware of television being a great medium of information, education, entertainment and communication as well as of their responsibility for and in society.

The association came into being in 1977 by the common interest to inform the public outside the boundaries of mainstream television. In accordance to their statutes valid as of September 2009, the INPUT strives to secure an international programme discussion forum for TV professionals in accomplishing their social, cultural, investigative and educational mission. The members believe in television as being part of our modern culture, a means to bridge communication gaps with “others”, an encouragement to self reflection and therefore a component of society’s development.
This sense of responsibility and interest connects. Likeminded persons meet regularly to present their works, share their knowledge and communicate news so that creative television can be made, far away from any conventions. INPUT gives public television makers a voice. Once a year members and interested persons meet at the INPUT conference to screen, watch, discuss and debate products of public television, whose subjects are worthy of being discussed.
Connecting Sri Lanka to the world and enabling national persons to participate in events like the INPUT is, in this regard, one of the tasks that the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka has set itself.