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MiNi-INPUT Brooklyn

In order to enable more interested people to access and discuss the TV films of "International Public Television" (INPUT), Mini-INPUT will take place in Sri Lanka again this year. The Mini-INPUT Brooklyn will be held in the premises of the Sri Lanka Foundation from 17th to 19th October, presenting a selection of the best films of this year in a unique three-day program. For this purpose, the Goethe-Institut Colombo, in cooperation with the headquarters in Munich and Rupavahini TV, selected the most interesting, moving and controversial formats of the INPUT conference in Brooklyn.

At this year's Mini-Input in Colombo, the professional audience can especially look forward to one contribution. Sri Lankan directors submitted their productions to the INPUT in Brooklyn 2018 of which one was invited to Brooklyn: Kancahne Marasinghe with the production "A House is not a Home". As a matter of course, this TV movie was also selected for the upcoming Mini-Input in Colombo and also the director Kancahne Marasinghe is invited for the discussion.

In addition to Kancahne Marasinghe, who will direct the moderation to his own production, François Smit, Head of the Postgraduate Studies at AFDA - the South African School for the Creative Economies in Johannesburg, Philipp Vongehr, Head of the Talk and Factual Entertainment division - Norddeutscher Rundfunk in Germany, Adreas Klempin, Project Manager in the fields of Science and Education - Goethe-Institut Thailand and Athula Disanayaka, Television Producer and Director - Rupavahini TV, will moderate the discussions that follow the shown TV productions.
The selected TV formates for this year's Mini-INPUT cover a wide range of topics and have been assigned to different sessions according to their content. Examples of the sessions of the Mini-INPUT 2018 are:

-           was it good for you? sleeping with the enemy
-           dedicated to the moms of the world: imgages of motherhood
-           history as you have never seen it before
-           telling war stories, far from the front lines

INPUT is a non-profit organization of public television programme makers and broadcasters. It is the organizer of an annual conference to discuss and challenge the boundaries of public TV. Since its founding in 1977, the conference has been held in changing locations worldwide. International members of INPUT are aware of their responsibility to society as informants and strive for creative television, beyond any convention.

Mini-INPUT Program

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