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Mini-INPUT Bangkok

In May this year and for the first time during INPUT history, the INternational PUblic Television conference took place in our South Asian neighbourhood as INPUT Bangkok. By screening innovative international TV-programmes, the conference offered surprising and stimulating answers to a challenge that is of concern to all public media professionals and organisations: making a long-lasting impact on the regional development.

To also give a regional specialist public access to international quality television in a discursive form, some Goethe-Institutes located abroad organize a Mini-INPUT following the INPUT conference – so does the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka.  
For this year’s Mini-INPUT in Colombo, the National INPUT Coordinator of Sri Lanka, Athula Disanayaka, together with three moderators of the INPUT Bangkok, Anandana Kapur (India), François Smit (Germany/South Africa) and Nowell Cuanang (The Philippines) and the Goethe-Institut selected 18 of the 87 international INPUT TV-productions which were considered to be most relevant for Sri Lanka and its population. These films cover a broad range of relevant topics such as:

  • The power of silence: showing vs. telling
  • Keeping it real: creating the feeling of authenticity
  • Building eco-friendly and sustainable communities
  • Blast from the past: why now?
  • Is public television a safe space?
In comparison to last year’s INPUT, where only one film from Sri Lanka was presented, even two Sri Lankan TV-productions namely A Taste of Ceylon Tea and Water Cart were screened for the international audience in Bangkok this year. As a highlight for our Mini-INPUT in Colombo, we invited their directors Shiran Ratnayake and Mohanji Ranganath as special guests to present their work, to join our discussion sessions and to interact with our audience.Sounds interesting?

If you want to get more information about the Mini-INPUT 2019 in Colombo and about the unique TV-productions screened on 16 to 18 October, please have a look at the Official Mini-INPUT Catalogue.
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