Colomboscope 2024

Colomboscope 2024 Save the Date © Colomboscope

The eighth edition of Colomboscope is to be held from 19 to 28 January 2024 bringing together interdisciplinary artistic approaches from around the island, South Asia and beyond in characteristic venues of Colombo.

Visual Identity

This festival edition‘s visual identity conceived by FOLD Media Collective draws inspiration from an environmental phenomena observed amidst forest treetops called crown shyness, indicating a collective botanical consciousness and survival strategies. Principles of mutual growth, protection, and communication in the fabric of a forest result in these dynamic patterns formed between trees.

Concept Note

As the jungle floor shrinks and burns, it holds animated truths — If we care to pursue its regeneration — a return to dreaming, interdependence, hibernation, and ethical imaginaries shall inevitably manifest. In forests we locate protectors and ghost stories; indigenous worlds, altars to divine beings and rituals long practiced.

In the shelter of foliage we may imagine future alliances and collective fictions. From the forest we may also learn how to forage, to make use of what exists in abundance; to store what is scarce; and to listen deeply in order to hear the morning chorus.


Upcoming Events & Activities

Guest Curators

Colomboscope 2024 will be conceived with guest curators Hit Man Gurung, Sheelasha Rajbhandari, Sarker Protick, together with artistic director Natasha Ginwala. The Colomboscope team is excited tocollaborate with these cultural organizers and artists with whom we have fostered ongoing dialoguesthat are practice-led as well as rooted in the experience of community centered initiatives.Colomboscope remains committed to collective production and experimental methods, knowledgecirculation via regional alliances, and the sustenance of local cultural ecologies through challengingtimes and collapsing infrastructures

 Hit Man Gurung © Hit Man Gurung

Sheelasha Rajbhandari © Sheelasha Rajbhandari


Sarker Protick © Sarker Protick