rituals. fictions. traces

The Many Headed Hydra (A collective for Feminist Conversations, Emma Haugh, Katusa Medusa, Sandev Handy, Suza Husse, Vicky Shajahan), ‘Shadow Beast Ecologies‘, card from ‘Rituals for dis-identification‘, 2019. (detail) ©The Many Headed Hydra (A collective for Feminist Conversations, Emma Haugh, Katusa Medusa, Sandev Handy, Suza Husse, Vicky Shajahan)

Publication series published by Archive Books, Berlin and Milan, The Many Headed Hydra, and Zubaan, New Delhi.

rituals includes new and existing work by artists, writers and activists living and
working in Karachi, Colombo, and beyond. Nurturing the potential of ritual the publication makes a space for proposing, performing, and thinking through queer and feminist ecologies, embodiments and mythmaking. From everyday rituals of anti-patriarchal resistance to radically open encounters with unescapable environmental toxicity, into speculative futurities – the constellation of contributions traces and intervenes into cross-colonial histories and imaginaries that are connected through bodies of water lapping at different shorelines – the Arabian Sea in Karachi, the Indian Ocean in Colombo, the tidal merge of the Atlantic and Shannon river in the West of Ireland and the Pacific in North America.
With Exhausted Geographies, Fatimah Asghar, Fiza Khatri, Katusa Medusa, Najia Sabahat Khan, Sadia Khatri, Sandev Handy, Tamara Fernando, Taara Rani, The Many Headed Hydra, Umair Khan, Venuri Perera, Vicky Shahjahan.
Edited by Aziz Sohail & The Many Headed Hydra
Summer 2021

fictions is an anthology of fiction from/in/accross South Asia. Through a Call for Submissions we invite writers who build feminist and decolonial utopias through storytelling. We aim to dismantle and challenge normative ways of storytelling and welcome experimental fiction, creative nonfiction, speculative fiction, and forms that confuse genres and boundaries.
Whether testimony, memory, myth, dream or fantasy, fictions gathers work where the real and imagined, future and past overlap and intersect. Unruly meditations, remembrances, and visions that attend to personal and collective histories, the histories of our names and bodies and lives, the stories that shape us, are welcome. We envision fictions as a site for South Asian voices to reimagine queerness, and ideas of South Asia, as an opportunity to write ourselves into existence, to make each other possible.
Call for Submissions Editors: Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke, Aziz Sohail, Momina Masood
Winter 2021

The final publication in the series, traces will archive and embody the unfolding project of kal through its various unfoldings in virtual and physical realms and offer propositions on what emancipatory curating and making in a South Asian and collective led context may look like and offer. In addition to the reflections from kal, it will gather contributions on queer practice, archive, collectivity and curating across South Asia and its diasporas.
Editors: Aziz Sohail & Houses of Kal
Spring 2022