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Shi Exhibition©Zun Ei Htet / Goethe-Institut Myanmar

/Shi Exhibition

/Shi is an art exhibition in the city of Yangon, Myanmar. /Shi is on for 44 days from 12 November 2022 to 12 January 2023. Based on bus routes, the backbone of Yangon’s DNA, you are invited to explore 40+ artworks by 50+ artists and creatives carefully orchestrated across 7 venues over the city.


/ရှိ (pronounced: “Shi”)

We ground the backdrop of this exhibition to Yangon, the heart of the Myanmar art world. With the pandemic and drastic migration of the local art community, we were able to observe the city morph and take on new forms, opportunities, questions, and tensions.
“ရှိ” , on its own, the word simply means to have and to exist. The simplicity and depth of the word propelled the curatorial team to ponder out loud what it means to exist and conduct as a catalyst between continuance and question.

Many in Myanmar have had the vivid experience of responding “ရှိ!” (trans: here/present!) to class attendance during our school days.

ရှိ , when combined with other words, create new meanings.
တည်ရှိ -exist
ရောက်ရှိ -arrive
ထွက်ရှိ -produce
တွေ့ရှိ -find
ရရှိ -get
လက်ရှိ -current
Just as ရှိ means to have and to exist, this exhibition—titled /ရှိ —addresses the enormous disconnect between community and art spaces of Yangon by reopening the discussions on the many ways in which art resonates in the lives of those operating within its orbit against the cacophonous atmosphere. Upon our own reflections and collaborations with artists, we began to grasp ရှိ as a liminal space–an aura– that straddles between perception and existence.

Hence, /ရှိ is both a challenge

  • to reconsider long-standing perceptions (be it the common bus-commuter’s perception of fine art, or the habitual tokenized image of geopolitical Myanmar in the context of regional Southeast Asia and the Global South) and an invitation
  • to see for yourself, the existence (of the art scene in Myanmar, and the artists and cultural works still living and working here) as it is.

Venue /Shi


You are invited to explore 40+ artworks from /Shi Exhibition by 50+ artists and creatives in the Venue /Shi of Goethe-Institut Myanmar, Myanm/Art, Kalasa Art Space, Lokanat Galleries, Doh Eain (Bokalay Zay St.), Doh Eain (46th St.) and Ayathakan.
Venue /Shi

  • Shi Exhibition Program ©Goethe-Institut Myanmar / Zune Ei Htet
  • Shi Exhibition Map ©Goethe-Institut Myanmar / Zune Ei Htet

Diary /Shi

Come and check our webpage Diary /Shi for the activities' images during /Shi exhibition. Embark on a captivating journey through the /Shi exhibition. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression and cultural exploration as you witness the thought-provoking works of talented artists. 
Diary /Shi



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