Expended Curatorial Practice and Exhibition Making Training

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Expanded Curatorial Practice & Exhibition Making Training ©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Expanded Curatorial Practice & Exhibition Making Training

Open Call

Goethe-Institut Myanmar initiates training on expanded curatorial practice and exhibition making. The training is intended to encourage curatorial practice in the Myanmar art scene and everyone interested in curation. The main training courses are led by Prof. Dr. Mi You from documenta Institut, followed by additional training and discussions. It is a hybrid training, and all participants must join the online training via the facilities provided at Goethe-Institut Myanmar’s auditorium. Participants are divided into small groups, and grants for exhibition-making will be available for each group.

Training Schedule

The open call for ‘Expanded Curatorial Practice & Exhibition Making’ training has closed with massive applications on July 24. Sixteen applicants will be selected out of several interesting applications. The selected applicants will be granted the chance to join the training and receive a joint grant to produce the exhibition project with assigned groups of participants. 

Our main workshop leader Prof. Dr. Mi You, from the documenta Institut, will give the main training modules as follows. 
Main training modules:
- August 11, 18, 25, 2023 (2:00 PM-4:30 PM)
- September 1 (2:00 PM-4:30 PM)
Location: Goethe-Institut Myanmar Auditorium
In addition, the senior curator and deputy director of the National Gallery Singapore, Mr. Seng Yu Jin, was invited to give the additional training section. 
Additional training section:

- September 16, 2023 (2:00 PM - 4:30 PM)
It is mandatory for all participants to join every single section of the training and to complete the tasks. At the end of all training modules, production grants for each group will be awarded to produce their exhibition projects. And all the exhibitions will be presented at four different galleries in Yangon in November 2023. 

Mi You

Mi You Mi You | ©Mi You Mi You is a professor of Art and Economies at the University of Kassel / documenta Institute. Prior to joining the University of Kassel, she was a research associate in the Art and Media Studies department at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (2014-2021). She has also held lecturer positions in the Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art program of the School of Art, Design and Architecture, Aalto University (2019-2020), in the Roaming Academy program of the Dutch Art Institute (2018-2019) and the Media Art program of the University of the Arts Bremen (2016-2017). Dr. You is trained in media theory and science and technology studies.

Nikolay Smirnov

Nikolay Smirnov Nikolay Smirnov | ©Nikolay Smirnov Nikolay Smirnov (born 1982) is a geographer, artist, curator, and researcher working with geographical imaginations and geo-capital in art. His practice is formed around analysing and implementing complex narratives in text, exhibitions, and film.

Since 2023, Smirnov has been a research assistant at documenta Institut (Kassel) and a post-graduate student at the University of Kassel.

Seng Yu Jin

Seng Yu Jin Seng Yu Jin | ©Seng Yu Jin Seng Yu Jin is the Senior Curator and Deputy Director (Curatorial and Exhibitions) at the National Gallery Singapore. He was previously a Lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts in the MA Asian Art Histories and BA Fine Arts programmes. Now, he lectures at the National University of Singapore’s Minor in Art History programme. He obtained his PhD from the University of Melbourne. Seng’s research interests cover regional art histories focusing on Southeast Asian art concerning studies on diaspora, migration, and cultural transfers. He is currently researching artistic activities and their histories, focusing on the history of exhibitions and artist collectives in Southeast Asia.

Rose Wei

Rose Wei Rose Wei | ©Rose Wei Rose Wei is a member of the Curatorial Programmes Team at the National Gallery Singapore. She holds an MA in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practice from Nanyang Technological University. She received the 2023 Platform Projects Curatorial Award, overseen by NTU Centre for Contemporary Arts. She is interested in the performativity and interactivity of art.

Curatorial Project: Veranstaltungsort-Partner ©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Venue Partners

Expanded Curatorial Practice and Exhibition Making project that was brought by Goethe-Institut Myanmar has now finished all its training modules. The training was conducted by the main workshop lead, Prof. Dr Mi You (documenta Institut), along with two guest trainers, Nikolay Smirnov (documenta Institut) and senior curator and deputy director Seng Yu Jin from National Gallery Singapore, who each brought a unique viewpoint and approach to the training. 
At the end of the training period, all 16 participants became four curatorial teams, and a production grant for each group was awarded to be able to produce their exhibition projects. 
Goethe-Institut Myanmar invited four art galleries, mostly led by young active gallerists and artists, to be project venue partners, and the resulting exhibitions and art events will be held at those four venues: Neutral Art Gallery, Art Corner Gallery, Anandha Art Gallery, and IVY Art Gallery. 
During the production period, all trainers will provide one-on-one mentoring, and exhibitions and art activities will take place throughout November. Updates on the project and exhibition details will be posted on our website and social media channels, so please keep an eye on us for more information.

Exhibitions schedule ©Goethe-Institut Myanmar

Exhibitions Schedule

Embarking on their curatorial journey, four teams out of the ‘Expanded Curatorial Practice and Exhibition Making Project’ are now developing diverse art exhibitions to be presented at the four exhibition venues in Yangon. Each team brings its distinct approach and curatorial concept to life; something new will happen soon. 
We welcome everyone to see the curated exhibitions set of the participants from the training program. Please join us throughout November and December. The schedule for each event, along with venue and program details, will be available on our website and social media channels. Please mark your calendar and join us on this artistic journey.

Ivy Gallery: 24th – 26th November
Neutral Art Gallery: 1st – 3rd December
Art Corner Gallery: 9th – 11th December
Ahnanda Art Gallery: 15th – 17th December

Curatorial Project: Exhibitions ©Goethe-Institut Myanmar


The curatorial teams from the Expanded Curatorial Practice and Exhibition Making Training organized by Goethe-Institut Myanmar continue to hold exhibitions in various art galleries in Yangon. You can read more about the exhibition below.

Exhibition 2 | Brush Beats & Bones
Date: December 1-3, 2023
Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue: Neutral Art Gallery (Khine Shwe War St, Hledan)

The curatorial team comprises Kyaw Thu Tun, Myint Thiri Khine, Pyae Phyo Paing, and Nyan Yel Yint Win. Under the theme "Brushes, Beats, and Bones," artworks by Artis-Hood, Kaung Min Wai, Thonenari Creation, Pyae Pyae (Dream), Ko Sid, and Hoky will be presented.

Exhibition 3 | SAFE & SOUND-ခလုတ်မထိ ဆူးမငြှိ
Date: December 9-11, 2023
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue: Art Corner Gallery (near Taw Win Center)

The curatorial team includes Khant Sithu Aung, May Tharaphi Kyaw, Thae Darli, and Ashlay. They will be presenting artworks under the theme "SAFE & SOUND - ခလုတ်မထိ ဆူးမငြှိ," featuring the works of GON YEE, PSA, and PYAE PHYO KYAW.

Exhibition 4 | KALEIDOSCOPES (Children Art Exhibition)
Date: December 15 -17, 2023
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue: Ahnanda Art Space (49 Street)

The curatorial team comprises Austin, Eddie, Hennie (nine-eight), and Salah Oo. They will present a children's art exhibition titled "KALEIDOSCOPES." Prior to the exhibition, on January 2nd and 3rd, a two-day Art and Crafts workshop will be conducted for children aged 8 to 12. The artworks created by the children during the workshop will be exhibited.