Children & Youth Program

To provide a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for children and youth, the Library of the Goethe-Institut Myanmar organizes a wide range of programs and activities, such as Yoga & Movement, Women in STEM and Seasonal Craft.

“Children & Youth Program” © Goethe-Institut Myanmar

By participating in library activities, children and youth can develop a love of learning new skills and they can connect with other young people in their community. These activities can also help children and youth develop essential social and emotional skills, such as communication, empathy, problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Our goal is to make the library a fun and exciting place for kids and teens to learn and grow.

We are always adding new activities, so be sure to check our programs often so that you avoid missing anything. We can’t wait to see you at our next event! Due to the limited number of places, registration is required in advance. For more information, please contact the library team via 01 9376160 (ext.301/302) during the library’s opening hours or via email: 


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