Documentary Film Screening

Documentary Film Screening ©Yangon Film School

Goethe-Institut Myanmar and Yangon Film School jointly present the documentary film screening.
In this film screening event that will be held throughout this year, The first documentary film exhibition in February will begin with four memorable documentaries that competed in the 2023 YFS Goethe Institut Documentary Film Competition held last December.
After each screening, there will be a Q&A session with the directors. You will get to know the creative process and the memories behind the documentaries.
We invite you to come for an evening that will create a remarkable film experience while learning about real-life stories through the selected documentary films that will be screened.
Date: 22 February 2024 (Thursday)
Time: 3 pm- 6 pm
Place: Goethe-Institut Myanmar Auditorium

Documentary Films

1.      The Boy who lives by the Sea
2.      Three women
3.      Life is Salty
4.      Black lady sings 

THE BOY WHO LIVES BY THE SEA (Duration - 21 min 34 sec)
A compelling and beautifully filmed portrait of life on a coast battered by cyclones, as seen through the eyes of a father and his hearing-impaired son. 
THREE WOMEN (Duration - 17 min 01 sec)
An intimate insight into what it means to be an unconventional woman in Myanmar’s complex patriarchal society and how this affects each of these women’s lives. 
LIFE IS SALTY! (Duration - 22 min 45 sec)
With a strong eye for detail and language, we are brought closer to the pain and emotions of those obliged to endure eye-watering physical hardship harvesting sea salt to put food on the table.
BLACK LADY SINGS (Duration - 30 min 09 sec)
A touching portrait of 76-year-old Mon Ma Sein and her uphill endeavour to preserve traditional Mon theatre. Her strength, daringness, and humour tower over this film, capturing the subtle tensions between Mon and Burmese politics, heritage, and modernity.

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