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ထင်ဟပ်မျှ၀ေ တွဲလက်တွေ (ဒုတိယပိုင်း)© Goethe-Institut Myanmar/ TheeOoThazin

Program of Care 2.0

In response to the high level of interest and many requests to continue the Program of Care workshop series, the Program of Care 2.0 made its grand return in February 2023, captivating participants each month until October.

The workshops presented innovative ideas aimed at creating space and exploring possibilities using expressive art practice techniques to tackle the many difficulties people face in their day-to-day lives. Guided by a team of experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, artists, and art and music therapists, our workshops provided an immersive experience. Participants were guided through hands-on experiences and offered tailored psychosocial support, fostering a space for reflection and expression while aiding in the reduction and release of stress, fatigue, and tension.

Program of Care 2.0 was a great success that was confirmed by enthusiastic participants throughout the year. To explore our diverse range of workshops, we encourage you to click the following links for the closer at each one: 

- Orientation Session
- Building Women's Leadership through Art
- Art & Healing Certificate Workshop (Part 2)
- Dance Movement Therapy Workshop
- Stress Management Sessions - An Introduction to YES!+ Workshop
- Mindfulness and Expressive Art for Children & Youth (Part 2)
Self-expression & Self-care through Music
- Photo Therapy

If you are curious about last year’s Program of Care workshops, start here: Program of Care