Groundbreaking Ceremony Renovation of the Goethe-Villa

  • Goethe Villa inside Photo: Beatrice Minda
    After four years of negotiations on the lease agreement and the construction permit we have finally reached that point: the renovation works at the old villa which will be the future premises of the Goethe Institut in Myanmar are about to start.
  • Goethe-Institut Myanmar © Goethe-Institut Myanmar
  • Praying guests Photo: Maro Verli
    Initially, German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier was expected for the groundbreaking ceremony. Unfortunately, his visit had to be cancelled on short notice. Instead, the closest friends of the institute and our colleagues from the German Embassy, german organizations and the Goethe Institut celebrated a smaller scale ceremony.
  • Ceremony with monks Photo: Maro Verli
    Monks of the neighboring Aung Myay Thu Kha Monastery celebrated the Myay Thant ceremony ( Myay Thant = Cleaning the Ground)
  • Ceremony with monks Photo: Maro Verli
    They prayed for spiritual support and protection for the construction and renovation work.
  • Monks with Buddha Photo: Maro Verli
    The Buddha, who will find His place on the first floor and will protect the villa and its visitors from evil spirits.
  • Water Consecration Photo: Maro Verli
    The spilling of water symbolizes the sharing of karma merits and life with mother earth.
  • Monks receive donations Photo: Maro Verli
    In return for the ceremony, the monks receive new robes and a ceremonial table.
  • Signing of the contract Photo: Maro Verli
    German Ambassador Christian-Ludwig Weber-Lortsch and contractor Shigeo Hana from Tokyo Enterprise sign the agreement on the construction order of the German Foreign Ministry.
  • Director & architect Photo: Maro Verli
    Everything is set for the groundbreaking ceremony.
  • Stefan Weeke & Meike Goosmann Photo: Maro Verli
    Meike Goosmann and Stefan Weeke from Berlin accompany the ceremony.
  • Last instructions … Photo: Maro Verli
    Last instructions …
  • Cut with the spade Photo Maro Verli
    German Ambassador Weber-Lortsch, architect Kyaw Kaliar (Yangon), architect Oliver Gerhartz (Berlin) and contractor Shigeo Hana.
  • Cheers! Photo: Maro Verli
    A toast to a swift and safe proceeding of the construction work, hoping for an inauguration of the new Goethe-Villa in one year! (On the left: U Myat Thura from Yangon University of the Arts (landlord), Daw Myintzu Myint, Shigeo Hana’s wife and partner of Tokio Enterprise.)
  • Future Caferteria Photo: Goethe Institut
    An early glance at the future Cafeteria …
  • Auditorium Photo: Goethe Institut
    … and the new building for library and auditorium alongside the old villa
  • Goethe Team Photo: Maro Verli
    We enter another important step in the founding history of the Goethe Institut Myanmar.
  • Construction works Photo: Maro Verli
    Construction works started the very evening: The site, four days later …