Grünes Diplom
Teacher Training at the Goethe-Institut

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The Grünes Diplom is the standard qualification for teachers of German as a foreign language at Goethe-Instituts worldwide.  ​

The program includes classroom observation, training in methodology and didactics, team-teaching, homework tuition, a seminar in Germany and a German language course at the C1 level.

Successful candidates are eligible to teach “German as a foreign language” at all Goethe-Instituts worldwide upon completion of the training program.


You must:
  • be good in educational questions and in dealing with people
  • be available to work approx. 10-15 hours of time per week
  • have PC skills to participate in digital sessions or to work on digital assignments
  • have a university degree (preferably in German studies or another philological subject; but open to lateral entrants) 
  • have a proven German language skill of at least on B2 level. 
  • be living in the Philippines and have a valid residence and work permit.


Please e-mail a letter of motivation, CV and relevant certificates in German language to:
Jens Rösler
Head of the Language Department

Grünes Diplom - Teacher Training Process

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