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Comic Scene: More than Pow! and Boing!

Journalist Anni in a tank © Arne Jysch/Carlsen Verlag, 2012

Arne Jysch
From film to comic

In “Wave and Smile”, Arne Jysch reconstructs the day-to-day life of a German army soldier in Afghanistan. “Der nasse Fisch” (i.e. The Wet Fish) is an adaptation of Volker Kutscher’s best-selling novel of the same name and focuses particular attention on the details of 1920s Berlin.

Jens Harder 5 © Jens Harder

Jens Harder
The Narrator of Time

Jens Harder only began drawing comics as an adult. This influences his work: rather than using conventional narrative structures, he uses an associative narrative style to expand the concept of the medium – most noticeably in his multi-volume history of the universe.

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Goethe worldwide

Open Codes © Ivar Veermäe

Open Codes
The Art of Coding

Which new creative processes arise for artists through the tool “Code”? An interactive exhibition of the Goethe-Institut Mumbai and the ZKM gives us insights into this new area.

Kultursymposium Weimar Moodimage © Jörg Gläscher

Kultursymposium Weimar 2019

How can we ensure we don’t lose perspective in an increasingly complex world? The Goethe-Institut is organizing an International Cultural Symposium in Weimar from 19th to 21st June 2019 under the title "Recalculating the Route".

Posthumanism © Stefanie Sixt

At the Threshold of a New Era

What ethical, social and political questions arise when automation and artificial intelligence revolutionize the world of work? In the dossier on Posthumanism the Goethe-Institut Canada takes a critical look at these issues.