Art Calendar

Paul Elsas (1896 Stuttgart–1972 Wiesbaden): “Frau sitzend” (i.e. Woman Sitting) (1932), pastel on plaster, 41 x 33 cm | © Sammlung “Memoria”, Thomas B. Schumann © Sammlung “Memoria”, Thomas B. Schumann

Exiled Artists
The Lost Generation

An exhibition of works by exiled artists such as Paul Elsas and Erich Klossowski at the Wessenberg Municipal Art Gallery in Constance.

Cindy Sherman: “#Untitled 422”, 2004, C-print|©Cindy Sherman, Courtesy private collection, Germany ©Cindy Sherman, Courtesy private collection, Germany

Popular Culture
Circus clown and Guy Fawkes

An exhibition on the development of the clown figure at the Kunstpalais in Erlangen.


“Deadly Doris” in the form of allegorical figures at the “Brilliant Dilletantes” festival in West Berlin, 1981 | Photo: H. Blohm, Archiv: Die Tödliche Doris Photo: H. Blohm, Archiv: Die Tödliche Doris

Total opposition
Brilliant Dilletantes

The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg presents the subculture of the 1980s in Germany.


Kultursymposium Weimar
Kultursymposium Weimar

A cultural symposium with a festival format and participants from around the world who will spend three days exploring the topic of sharing and exchange.

180 Seconds City

From Berlin to Bogota – and back via Tokyo and Kolkata! In 180 seconds a picture of the city emerges, showing what unites us and what makes us different.

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Episodes of the South

Debates, research, artistic and academic works using new points of view and ways of thinking about Germany, Europe and the world

Future Perfect
Future Perfect

Future Perfect tells the stories of individuals, initiatives and businesses that are working towards a better future in the present.