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The Advent Calendar of the Goethe-Institut is back!

The Goethe Advent Calendar is back! This year we accompany the Goethe family in 24 stories to a colourful Christmas. Will Christmas be a success despite the ups and downs? Find out for yourself and take part in the competition! With a little luck, you could win great surprise packages and discount codes for our language courses.

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Goethe worldwide

Silhouette of feet in front of city landscape © Joosep Kivimäe

Online Magazine

A samovar traditionally stands for community, drinking tea, essentially cosy hours with nice company. Young writers in Estonia look at what is happening around them. In the magazine you can find very personal stories and those that affect the world.

Humboldt Träume © Anna Azevedo

New dossier
Humboldt Magazine: Dreams

What are we dreaming of? This question is at the heart of the new issue of the Humboldt Magazine. Which daydreams, pipe dreams and spaces of fear determine our present?

Key Visual: Lockdown Lessons Photo (detail): © John Simitopoulos

Post-Pandemic Future
Lockdown Lessons

The world is experiencing the COVID-19 virus due to its global nature and the time lags between outbreaks of the pandemic at once directly and indirectly. Because of this, one question has been posed since the beginning: What lessons can we learn from this catastrophe with regard to social, technological, postcolonial and civil society concerns?

Dance and Theatre

What if Fred’s life had been different? At the premiere of Kay Voges’ Die Parallelwelt the audience saw two life stories at the same time – one performed live on stage, the other presented on a video screen. Photo (detail): „Die Parallelwelt“, Kay Voges © Birgit Hupfeld / Schauspiel Dortmund

Digitalisation in art
“Complexity is beauty”

Virtual reality, 3D animation and robotics have long been used by theatre directors in other countries but they have yet to be embraced as tools of stagecraft in Germany. That is about to change. The new Akademie für Digitalität und Theater (Academy for Digitality and Theatre) in Dortmund is set to revolutionise the German theatrical landscape. 

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