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Future Questions - Logo © Goethe-Institut Italien | Graphic: Massimiliano Emili

Future Questions

New thoughts can emerge from times of crisis and KunstRaum is the place for transdisciplinary dialogue in which art gives expression to reflections on our present. In Future Questions, the Goethe-Institut Italy explores the interrelationships between technological developments and art.

Perspectives ©Goethe-Institut e.V./Perspectives

Pass your time with reading "Perspektiven"

"Perspectives" is the multimedia online magazine of the Goethe-Instituts in the region of North Africa and the Middle East. Read current topics in Arabic, German, English and French.

  © Goethe-Institut China 2020

Porn and society

As diverse as our sexualities are, so could porn be. But too often the heteronormative cis-male view of sex is still reproduced. The Goethe-Institut China has found people who want to shape porn differently.