Art Calendar

Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847–1915): “Die Jōō- und Manji-Periode” (i.e. The Jōō and Manji-Periods), Tokyo, 1896, triptych, colour woodcut, 35 × 72 cm, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg © MKG © MKG

Japanese pop culture
“Hokusai x Manga”

The Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts builds a bridge from historical to contemporary Japanese art of drawing.

Hans Hartung: “Selbstporträt“ (i.e. Self-Portrait), 1966, Fondation Hartung-Bergman © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016

Hans Hartung
Photos and paintings

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Siegen places the photographs and paintings of the French-German artist Hans Hartung in relation to one another.

Arno Fischer: Müritz, 1956 | © Erbengemeinschaft Arno Fischer © Erbengemeinschaft Arno Fischer

Photography in the GDR
“Held Time”

Ursula Arnold, Arno Fischer and Evelyn Richter: the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig shows the view of three photographers on East Germany.


For three days, participants from around the world will discuss the topic of sharing and exchange.
Kultursymposium Weimar

A cultural symposium with a festival format and participants from around the world who will spend three days exploring the topic of sharing and exchange.

180 Seconds City

From Berlin to Bogota – and back via Tokyo and Kolkata! In 180 seconds a picture of the city emerges, showing what unites us and what makes us different.

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Episodes of the South

Debates, research, artistic and academic works using new points of view and ways of thinking about Germany, Europe and the world

Future Perfect
Future Perfect

Future Perfect tells the stories of individuals, initiatives and businesses that are working towards a better future in the present.

Foto: Poets Translating Poets
Poets Translating Poets

Poets from South Asia and Germany translate each other's poems.

Migration und Integration
Migration und Integration

Migration is changing cultures. The Goethe-Institut reflects these developments in Germany and around the world and dedicates its work to the linguistic integration of migrants.