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Goethe worldwide

Binge Fever © Colourbox / Image editing Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

Television Made in Germany
Binge Fever

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu have not only revolutionized the quality and formats of movies and series but also dramatically changed user behaviour. Thanks to these new distribution channels, German series are receiving unprecedented attention in the USA.

Takween © Goethe-Institut Jordan

Supporting creative industries

Through various learning opportunities, the Goethe-Institut Jordan and the design collective platform support young local designers and creative entrepreneurs in building networks and becoming creative together.

Humboldt-Magazin Kosmos Illustration: Erika Torres

Humboldt-Magazine “Cosmos”
The world as a whole

For Alexander von Humboldt, “cosmos” means grasping the world as a whole. In the current issue of the Humboldt Magazine, artists and scientists from South America and Germany reflect on therelationship between man and the environment, economy and ecology.